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The Runestone Styles

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The Runestone Styles


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The Evolution of Animal Heads in Late Viking Age Art


In the video above you’ll get a introduction to the development of animal heads in Late Viking age art and how their features change over time, from the Jelling style to the Urnes style.


The development of the features is documented on the many runestones and on them we can trace how the characteristics of the art evolved from Late Mammen style to Late Urnes style.


The development can be categorised into five stylistic groups or stylistic periods, called Pr1 to Pr5.





Stylistic Groups




Parametres of Identification


  • Overall impression
  • Head
    • Eye
    • Ear
    • Mouth
    • Tail
    • Feet
  • Layout
    • Additional serpents
    • Union Knot
    • Cross





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Download the Runestone designs

Want to use the runestone illustrations for your own project? No problem! They are all available in editable hi-res and vectorised versions.