Jonas Lau Markussen

Germanic Ornaments


A set of editable vector and Hi-res graphics


From the upcoming Anatomy of Germanic Art Series


All the designs are based on the principles and characteristics of the actual Germanic art styles of ornaments from artefacts found predominantly in Northern Europe from c. 400 – 800.


The designs include motifs in Style I (coming soon), Style II/B, Style II/C and Style II/D.


The motifs were originally created as part of a series of articles (coming soon) describing the characteristics and construction of the individual stylistic periods of Germanic art.


The graphics set is currently only available on Patreon.


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You can:

  • Use the designs in any way you want for your personal or commercial projects or products.


You can’t:

  • Resell the files as is in any way (without applying them to your project or product).




What’s in the package


All designs are available as

  • Vectorised EPS files.
  • Vectorised Adobe Illustrator files.
  • Vectorised PDF files.
  • Hi-res JPG files.
  • Hi-res PNG files.







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