Jonas Lau Markussen

Runestone G 114 V

The carvings of the stone are in the runestone style Pr 4 (c. 1070-1100) pertaining to the Urnes style.


The inscription is not signed.


The sandstone slab is c. 0,62 m tall and 0,82 m wide.



Runic inscription

The rune text reads from left to right running along the border framing the ornamentation.


The text fragment is the first part of an inscription written across four stone slabs, referred to as V, I, VI and II, composing the sides of a sarcophagus (G 114).



᛬ ᛋᚤᚾᛁᛦ ᛬ ᛚᛁᚴᚾᛅ(ᛏ)(ᛅ)- … … [ᚴ](ᛅ)ᚱᚢᛅ ᛬ ᛘᛂᚱᚴᛁ ᛬ ᚴᚢᛏ ᛬ ᛂᛒᛏᛁᚱ ᛬ ᛅᛁᛚᛁᚴᚾᛁ ᛬ ᚴᚢᚾᚢ ᛬ ᚴᚯᚦᛅ ᛬ ᛘᚯᚦᚢᚱ ᛬



: syniʀ : likna(t)(a)- … …(a)rua : merki : kut : ebtir : ailikni : kunu : koþa : moþur :


Old Norse

SyniR Liknhvata[R] … [g]ærva mærki gott æftiR Æilikni, konu goða, moður



The sons of Líknhvatr … the good landmark made in memory of Eilíkn, a good wife, mother …



G 114 and G 113 are both raised by the sons, Ottar, Gairvat, Aivat and daughter Liknvi, of Liknat (G 113), their father, and Ailikn (G 114), their mother.


The slabs I, V and VI had traces of red lead from the original paint.




Ardre, Gotland, Sweden

G 114 V


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