Jonas Lau Markussen

Runestone Sö 129

Although the carvings of the stone are categorised within the group of unornamented runestones known as RAK, it is stylistically contemporary with Pr 1 (c. 1010-1040) pertaining to the Ringerike style.


The inscription is not signed.


The granite stone is c. 0,75 m tall and 0,65 m wide. The rune ribbon is 7 cm wide.



Runic inscription

The rune text begins after the cross in the rune ribbon in the top right area.



ᛒᛁᚢᚱᚾ ᛬ ᚱᛅᛁᛋ=ᚦᛁ ᛬ ᛋᛏᛅᛁᚾ ᛬ ᚦᛅᚾᛋᛁ ᛬ ᛁᚠᛏᛁᛦ ᛬ ᚼᛅᛁᛚᚴᛅ ᛬ ᛒᚱᚢᚦᚢᚱ +



biurn : rais=þi : stain : þansi : iftiʀ : hailka : bruþur +


Old Norse

Biorn ræisþi stæin þannsi æftiR Hælga, broður.



Bjǫrn raised this stone in memory of Helgi, (his) brother.




Lid, Södermanland, Sweden

Sö 129


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