Jonas Lau Markussen

Runestone Sö 308

The carvings of the stone are in the runestone style Pr 5 (c. 1100-1130) pertaining to the late Urnes style.


The inscription is signed by the runemaster Øpir.


The granite stone is c. 2,05 m tall, 1,70 m wide and 1,25 m thick. The decorated face is c. 1,85 m tall and c. 0,90 m wide at the top.



Runic inscription

The rune text begins at the head end of the animal.



ᚼᚢᛚᛘᚠᛅᛋᛏᚱ ᛫ ᚱᚭᚦᛂᛚᚠᚱ ᛫ [ᛚᛂᛏ]ᚢ ᛫ [ᚱᛁ]ᛋᛏᛆ ᛫ ᚱᚢᚿ[ᛅ] ᛫ ᛅ[ᛏ] … … [ᛆᚢᚴ] ᛫ (ᛁ)ᚴᛁᚠᛆᛋᛏ ᛫ ᛋᚢᚿᛁ ᛬ ᛋᛁᚿᛆ [᛫ ᚦ]ᛁᛦ ᛫ ᚢᛆᛦᚢ ᛫ ᚼᚢᛆ=ᛋᛏᚱ ᛫ ᛁ(ᚿ) ᛫ ᚤᛒᛁᚱ ᛫ ᚱᛁᛋᛏᛁ



hulmfastr ‘ roþelfr ‘ —u ‘ [ri]sta ‘ run[a] ‘ a- … … (i)kifast ‘ suni : sina [‘] -iʀ ua(ʀ)u * hua=str * i(n) * ybir risti


Old Norse

Holmfastr, RoðælfR, [let]u rista runaR a[t] … … Ingifast, syni sina, [þ]æiR vaRu austr(?)/vestr. En ØpiR risti.



Holmfastr (and) Hróðelfr had the runes carved in memory of … … [and] Ingifastr, their sons. They were in the east(?)/west. And Œpir carved.




Södertälje, Södermanland, Sweden

Sö 308


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