Jonas Lau Markussen

U 311

The carvings of the rock face are in the runestone style Pr 5 (c. 1100-1130) pertaining to the late Urnes style.

Though the inscription is not signed, it is attributed to the runemaster Öpir for stylistic reasons.

The inscription is c. 1,60 m tall and 0,87 m wide.


Runic inscription

The first part of the rune text begins at the tail end of the rune animal and ends at the top of the inscription. The second part begins at the head end of the rune animal and ends at the top of the inscription. The two parts share the same n-rune as the last letter in each of the two sentences.



[1] ᛁᚿᚴᚱᛁᚦ ‘ ᛚᛁᛏ ‘ ᚴᛁᛅᚱᛅ ‘ ᛒᚱᚭ ‘ ᛁᚠᛏᛁᛦ ‘ ᛁᚿᚴᛁᚴᛁᛅᚱᛁ ‘ ᛏᚭᛏᚢᚱ ‘ ᛋᛁᚾ ¶ [2] ᛁᚿᚴᛁᚼᚢᛅᛚᛏᚱ ‘ ᛁᚿᚴᛁᛘᛅᚱ ‘ ᚴᛅᚱᛚ ‘ ᛚᛁᛏᚢ ‘ ᛅᛏ ‘ ᛋᚤᛋᛏᚢᚱ ᛋ’ᛁ[ᚾ]



inkriþ ‘ lit ‘ kiara ‘ bro ‘ iftiʀ ‘ inkikiari ‘ totur ‘ sin ¶ inkihualtr ‘ inkimar ‘ karl ‘ litu ‘ at ‘ systur s’i[n]


Old Norse

Ingrið let gæra bro æftiR Ingigærði, dottur sina. Ingivaldr, Ingimarr, Karl letu at systur sina.



Ingríðr had the bridge made in memory of Ingigerðr, her daughter. Ingivaldr (and) Ingimarr (and) Karl had (it made) in memory of their sister.



Ingríðr and her three sons are also mentioned on U 306.




Harg, Uppland, Sweden

U 311

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