Jonas Lau Markussen

Runestone U 485

The carvings of the stone are in the runestone style Pr 5 (c. 1100-1130) pertaining to the late Urnes style.

The inscription is signed by the runemaster Öpir.

The granite stone is c. 1,84 m tall and 1,14 m wide.


Runic inscription

The rune text begins at the tail end of the animal.



ᚦᚱᚭᛏᛁ ᛫ ᚢᚴ ᛫ ᛁᚿᚵᚢᛚᚠᚱ ᛫ ᛚᛁᛏᚢ ᛫ ᚱᛁᛏᛅ ᛫ ᛋᛏᛅᛁᚾ ᛁᚠᛏᛁᛦ ᛫ ᛋᛁᚼᚢᛁᚦ ᛫ ᚠᛅᚦᚢᚱ ᛫ ᛋᛁᚾ ᛫ ᚢᚴ ᛫ ᛁᚿᚴᛁᚠᛋᛏ ᛫ ᛅᛏ ᛫ ᛒᚭᚿᛏᛅ ᛫ ᛋᛁᚿ ᛫ ᛁᚿ ᛫ ᚭᚠᛅᛁᚵᚱ ᛫ ᚤᛒᛁᛦ ᛫ ᚱᛁᛋᛏᛁ



þroti ‘ uk ‘ ingulfr ‘ litu ‘ rita stain ‘ iftiʀ ‘ sihuiþ ‘ faþur ‘ sin ‘ uk ‘ inkifa=st ‘ at ‘ bonta ‘ sin ‘ in ‘ ofaigr ‘ ybiʀ ‘ risti


Old Norse

Þrotti ok IngulfR letu retta stæin æftiR Sigvið, faður sinn, ok Ingifast at bonda sinn. En OfæigR/ofæigR ØpiR risti.



Thrótti and Ingulfr had the stone erected in memory of Sigviðr, their father; and Ingifastr in memory of her husbandman. And Ófeigr / the not doomed Œpir carved.




Marma, Uppland, Sweden

U 485

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