Jonas Lau Markussen

New Things are Coming Soon!



TL;DR beginning March 2023, the email newsletter will come out twice-ish monthly every New Moon and Full Moon:


🌕 Full Moon newsletters will focus on illustrated educational content.


🌑 New Moon newsletters will focus on tutorials and praxis of historical knowledge.





A lot of exciting new things are coming in 2023! The Ringerike Style Essentials already came out in ebook format just before the new year, print editions are coming in March, and The Anatomy of Germanic Art book is getting very close to being finished and will hopefully be out this year too!


In addition to this, the newsletter will get a soft relaunch in March with an updated schedule and format with an emphasis on topics rather than individual illustrations.


My intention with these changes is to be able to create more engaging and meaningful content for you.


Beginning with the Disthing Full Moon on March 7, the newsletter will be published every Full Moon and New Moon (i.e. approximately every other week).




🌑 New Moons: Focus on Knowledge


New Moon newsletters will focus on the illustrated educational content about Early Medieval Scandinavia (i.e. the Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Age c. 400-1100 CE) you know and love.


But instead of spreading out the content over weekly posts, as is the case currently, each newsletter will be oriented around a particular topic and will be going more in-depth. Some newsletters will have many illustrations, and some will only have a few, depending on the topic at hand.




🌕 Full Moons: Focus on Praxis


Full Moon newsletters will focus on turning historical knowledge into contemporary praxis.


These newsletters will be more practically oriented and will, to begin with, primarily be oriented around tutorials on creating Viking Age art, but could potentially also, for example, deal with how to work with the runes or how to celebrate heathen holidays etc.




The newsletter will continue in its current form through February 2023. The first newsletter in the new format comes out March 7th on the day of the Disthing.


I’m so excited about this next chapter, and I hope you’ll enjoy all the new things coming up this year!