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The Anatomy of Viking Art

A Quick Guide to the Styles of Norse Animal Ornament

This guide covers all the stylistic periods of Viking Age art, breaking down each style to its basic components in an easy to understand and straightforward manner.

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Through illustrations, timelines, maps and short descriptions of the historical contexts, you'll quickly acquire a good grasp of the anatomy of Viking Age art.

The whole guide is freely available to read in it’s entirety online. Select a chapter to begin.

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How to Create Viking Age Art

Ringerike Style Essentials

This book gets you familiar with the essential concepts of the Ringerike style, and at the end, you’ll be able to create an authentic Viking Age design from start to finish.

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Projects in the Making

These projects are under development and get continuously updated with new content. Subscribe to the newsletter to get notified when new content gets added.

The Anatomy of Germanic Art

This series is a prequel to The Anatomy of Viking Art and explores the ornamental styles of Early Medieval Scandinavia from the Migration period and up to the beginning of the Viking Age.

The Runestone Styles

This series explores the ornamental styles of Scandinavian runestones from the late Viking Age.

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Download the Illustrations

Get the graphics sets containing hi-res versions of the ornaments, if you want to use the designs in your own project.

Learn How to Create Viking Age Art

If you want to create your own designs, here is a series of tutorials with tips and tricks on how to construct intricate designs inspired by Viking Age art.

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The Younger Futhark

Get familiar with the runes of the Viking Age.

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Recommended Resources

I’d like to share with you my collection of go-to resources about the Viking Age and the art styles.

Whether you’re into podcasts, video channels, image catalogues or a good read, I’m sure these resources will help you in your quest to get to know the Vikings.

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Jonas Lau Markussen

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I graduated cand. arch from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 2012. The past ten years I have worked professionally with visual communication and information architecture both online and offline in various forms, primarily for institutions and organisations within the field of art and culture.