Jonas Lau Markussen

Runestone U 1084

The carvings of the stone are in the runestone style Pr 5 (c. 1100-1130) pertaining to the late Urnes style.

Though the inscription is not signed, it is attributed to the runemaster Öpir for stylistic reasons.

The granite stone is c. 1,52 m tall and 1,10 m wide.


Runic inscription

The rune text begins at the tail end of the animal.



ᛆᛒᛁᛅᚱᚾ ‘ ᚢᚴ ‘ ᛁᚾᚴᛁᛅᛚᛏᚱ ‘ ᚢᚴ ‘ ᛂᛘᛁᚾᚴᚱ ‘ ᛚᛁᛏᚢ ‘ ᚱᛁᛏᛅ ‘ ᛋᛏᛅᛁᚿ ‘ ᛁᚠᛏᛁᛦ [‘] ᛒᛁᛅᚱᚿ ‘ ᚠᛅᚦᚱ ‘ ᛋᛁᚿ ‘



abiarn ‘ uk ‘ inkialtr ‘ uk ‘ eminkr ‘ litu ‘ rita ‘ stain ‘ iftiʀ [‘] biarn ‘ faþr ‘ sin ‘


Old Norse

Abiorn ok Ingialdr ok HæmingR letu retta stæin æftiR Biorn, faður sinn.



Ábjǫrn and Ingjaldr and Hemingr had the stone erected in memory of Bjǫrn, their father.



Hämringe, Uppland, Sweden

U 1084

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