Jonas Lau Markussen

Runestone U 366

The carvings of the stone were probably in the runestone style Pr 4 (c. 1070-1100) pertaining to the Urnes style.


The inscription is not signed.


Fragment of a runestone. The size is unknown.



Runic inscription


The rune text ran vertically along the edge of the fragment.





[… ᚢᛅᛦ ᛫ ᛏᛅᚢᚦᚱ × ᛁ ᛅᚢᛋᛐᚱ ᛫ ᚢᛁᚼ- …]





[… uaʀ * tauþr × i austr*uih- …]



Old Norse


… vaR dauðr i austrveg[i] …





… died on the eastern route …





Known only from an illustration by Rhezelius. Now lost.




Gådersta, Uppland, Sweden (now lost)

U 366



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