Jonas Lau Markussen

Runestone U 937

The carvings of the stone are in the runestone style Pr 3 pertaining to the early Urnes style.


The granite stone is c. 1,80 m tall, 0,90 m wide and 0,37 m thick. The rune ribbon is c. 9 cm wide.


The triquetra symbol in the centre of the inscription is not a particularly common decorative ornament on runestones.


Runic inscription


× ᚦᛁᛅᚴᚾ × ᛅᚢᚴ × ᚴᚢᚾᛅᚱ × ᚱᛅᛁᛋᛏᚢ × ᛋᛏᛅᚾᛅ × ᛅᚠᛏᛁᛦ × ᚢᛅᚦᚱ × ᛒᚱᚢᚦᚢᚱ × ᛋᛁᚾ ×



× þiakn × auk × kunar × raistu × stana × aftiR × uaþr × bruþur × sin ×


Old Norse

Þiagn ok Gunnarr ræistu stæina æftir Veðr, broður sinn.



Þiagn and Gunnarr had these stones raised in memory of Veðr, their brother.



Uppsala, Uppland, Sweden

U 937

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