Jonas Lau Markussen

Triquetra Knot

One of the ornamental knots occurring in Ringerike style knotwork designs is the triquetra knot.



A triquetra knot is composed of three connected rotationally symmetrical ribbon loops. The knot is constructed by first creating a pretzel knot with its two consecutive interlacing loops and then closing the open ends of the pretzel in a third loop.


Ornamental knots occur throughout Ringerike-style designs and can be applied in various ways to embellish a knotwork composition. The three most common uses are in the shape of an offshoot mechanism, a corner element and a ribbon terminal.




Offshoot Mechanism


The triquetra knot can sit on the side of a ribbon, with the ribbon running through one of its protruding loops. The knot is attached at the top of one of its internal curves while tying itself around the ribbon. The loops can be used as mechanisms for foliage offshoots fanning out in all directions.



Corner Element


The knot acts as an elaborate corner piece by bending the main ribbon around the knot’s centre at a 90° angle. This is a common way of applying the triquetra knot as part of a ribbon border running around the edge of a design framing the composition.



Ribbon Terminal


As a ribbon terminal, the triquetra typically occurs either in the shape of an animal head or by sprouting additional foliage and tendrils.



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