Jonas Lau Markussen

Urnes Style Mini Course


In this course, you will learn how to recreate a typical Urnes style openwork brooch design based on analysis of the many historical examples found throughout Scandinavia.


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Setup & Process


0.1.1 Digital Setup & Process (Free)

0.1.2 Digital Process Timelapse (Free)

0.1.3 Analogue Setup & Process (Free)

0.1.4 Analogue Process Timelapse (Free)



Historical References


0.2.1 Finding References

0.2.2 Online Collections

0.2.3 Using Pinterest




The Building Blocks





1.1.1 Ribbons

1.1.2 Heads — Beasts

1.1.3 Heads — Serpents

1.1.4 Limbs

1.1.5 Posture



Ribbon flow


1.2.1 Single Double-loop

1.2.2 Single Multi-loop

1.2.3 Double Multi-loop



Alternate Features


1.3.1 Alternate Terminals

1.3.2 Alternate Heads

1.3.3 Alternate Feet




Creating the Design





2.1.1 Analysing the References

2.1.2 Breakdown of the Composition



Process of Creation


2.2.1 Layout and Ribbon Flow

2.2.2 Fleshing out the Ribbons

2.2.3 Ribbon and Terminal Widths

2.2.4 Features and Details

2.2.5 Weaving the Ribbons

2.2.6 Vectorising the Design

2.2.7 Outline and Fill




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