Jonas Lau Markussen

Style Pr 2 Runestones


A set of editable vector and hi-res graphics


From the Runestone Styles Series





The designs included in this set are illustrations of late Viking Age Scandinavian runestones in style Pr 2 from c. 1020 – 1050.



These runestone illustrations were created as part of a series covering the stylistic periods of ornamental runestone carvings and their historical and cultural context. The Runestone Style series is currently an ongoing project, and new runestone illustrations will be added as the project evolves.


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What’s in the package


All designs included are available as


  • Vectorised EPS files.
  • Vectorised Adobe Illustrator files.
  • Vectorised PDF files.
  • Hi-res JPG files.
  • Hi-res PNG files.



Download the Hi-res Illustrations




Suggested price: $5




You can:


  • Use the designs in any way you want for your personal or commercial projects or products.


You can’t:


  • Resell the files as is in any way (without first applying them to your project or product).


Runestone Illustrations Included in this Set

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